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    Decadent And Healthy Coffee Protein Recipes!

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    Caffeine Packed Proats!

    These oats are a great way to get your caffeine fix and breakfast all in one! This coffee protein oatmeal (proats) is packed with 223mg of caffeine and 15g of the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein.

     Our caffeine packed proats are perfect for getting your day started, or as pre workout fuel.

     These proats have a variety of benefits and will help:

    ⚡ Sustain energy and boost metabolism

    🥗 Suppress hunger so you feel full and satiated 

    💪 Support lean muscle (which in turn will help you burn more calories)

    📈 Reduce Cravings

     PLUS, they are so easy to make!



    Mix 1/2 cup of cooked oats, 1 scoop of WarmUp Coffee Protein Powder, 2 tbsp of honey (or stevia) and you are good to go!

    Top with some PB, dark chocolate (our personal favorite) or both!


    Protein - 20G

    Carbs - 25G (Depending if you use honey or stevia. But don't stress if you use honey as it contains natural carbs/sugars which is beneficial in the morning or before/after exercise)

    Fat - 2.5G

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