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    WarmUp Nutrition - Blog

    How to do your first pull up? Here is a plan to get you there.

    How to do your first pull up? Here is a plan to get you there.

    Pull ups are one of the best exercises both men and women can do for a great physique.

    Pull ups engage the entire body and are the key to a great physique. However, in order to achieve a pull up, you need to strengthen certain muscles; Your back and biceps being the two key muscles.

    Pull ups are a clear indicator to your fitness level. If you can do a pull up, you are in pretty good shape. If you can do 10 or more, you are in really good shape. 

    Take a step back for a second and think about it. Have you ever been in the gym and saw someone doing weighted pull ups? If you have, they are usually in better shape than most people there. They also are likely to have big biceps and a wide back.

    Several factors come into play when deciding where to start.

    1) We know it is stating the obvious, but your weight comes into play. The heavier you are, the more weight you are lifting to complete a pull up.

    2) You need to take training your back serious. Training and developing your back is the number one priority. Without developing your back, you can basically forget about ever doing a pull up. When doing back exercises, you need to really focus in for best results.

    3) Strength gains are key. When training your back, you need to use progressive overload and make strength gains. By adding small amounts of weight to your exercises each workout, you are going to build more strength. With strength, comes muscle.

    4) Do assisted pull ups! (Duh!) What better way to work towards a pull up than actually doing them? Do whatever weight you can handle for as many reps as possible for three sets. Gradually start to increase the weight as you get comfortable. Below, you'll find a couple more, and less obvious, exercises to get there!

    Follow these exercises, and we promise you will get to your first pull up.

     1) Body weight rows

    Body weight row for back. WarmUp protein coffee blog. How to do a pull up. Learn how to do your first pull up. Gluten-free and lactose free. Crossfit exercises.

    These rows are vital to working your way towards a pull up. The best way to do these is use a smith machine and adjust the height of the bar as you improve on strength.

    Structure the exercise as follows:

    3 sets of 8 reps: Lower the bar as you start to get stronger to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

    2) Bent over dumbbell rows.

    Bent over rows are a basic and standard back exercise. They are perfect for building strength in the back and are easy enough that beginners can do them as well.

    Structure the exercise as follows:

    3 sets of 8 reps: Once this starts to feel easy, increase the dumbbell weight.

    Now remember, you can train and follow this program all you want, but if you aren't making sure your diet is in check you will be wasting your time. This program needs to be paired with proper nutrition in order to work, so make sure you are recovering properly.

    You can make it to your first pull up and we are sure of it! Like anything else, it just takes time and dedication. Good luck!

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