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    Protein Coffee | Coffee Protein | Coffee With Protein | Coffee Protein Shake    

    James Testa - Founder and CEO


     Our Story : The Founder

    During his recovery from a motorcyle accident, James struggled to find easy and efficient ways to get enough energy/protein while on the go without resorting to artifical energy drinks or bland protein shakes. He then came up with the idea to develop an all-natural alternative with the beverage we all love, coffee! After a successful Kickstarter campaign (see below), WarmUp Protein Coffee was born!

    Overcoming obstacles and getting back up when you fall down, is something that we as a company take pride in. That is what this brand is about, and we want to support you throughout your health and fitness journey as well. So join our family of go-getters today!

    WarmUp: A High-Protein Coffee

    James Testa is raising funds for WarmUp: A High-Protein Coffee on Kickstarter! WarmUp is an all-natural, gluten-free, and high-protein coffee that can be served hot or iced!