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    James Testa- Founder and CEO        James Testa - Founder and CEO

    In the summer of 2015 I, James Testa, was severely injured in a hit and run motorcycle accident. My injuries ranged from broken bones, road rash, a concussion, and more. I had a long recovery process ahead of me before I was able to get back to 100%.  This experience ultimately led me to become more conscious and aware of proper nutrition and sparked my passion for fitness.

     Furthermore, a major factor of recovering was making sure that I drastically increased my protein intake and I spent hours on end researching how to do so, but was at a loss. I quickly realized that there were not many options to do so besides basic whey protein shakes. However, that’s not all I wanted; I wanted something that was going to give me the protein I needed in addition to an energy boost before the gym. For that, I ended up taking two supplements; a pre-workout (which is unhealthy) and whey protein.

    I started to realize that I was being counter intuitive! Majority, even close to all, supplements on the market have added/artificial ingredients and harmful fillers that are completely unnecessary! My goal was to get healthy and fit again, not to harm my health!

     This is when I found a solution for all-in-one protein coffee. I was so excited, that I searched and ordered one off Amazon IMMEDIATELY. After it arrived, I excitingly made my first drink, but was very unsatisfied. I was not able to mix it with warm or hot water and it didn’t taste like real coffee!

     After this experience I concluded that it just wasn’t fair - there had to be other people with the same wants as myself, but no one is getting the job done! So I rolled up my sleeves and decided to fill the gap. Within a couple months, I launched a Kickstarter (see video below) campaign to raise the funds for the first production run and the rest is history! This is the story of how WarmUp came to life!


    WarmUp: A High-Protein Coffee

    James Testa is raising funds for WarmUp: A High-Protein Coffee on Kickstarter! WarmUp is an all-natural, gluten-free, and high-protein coffee that can be served hot or iced!